Reverend Salvador SeBasco is the founder of Sheephook Ministries & Host of The Inside View Show Christian Radio Broadcasts, since 2005. Sheephook Ministries provides ministry services & ministers Christian resources to those in need. An effective communicator of God's word, Reverend SeBasco is widely known for his dynamic teaching style. He serves as speaker and minister, and his mission is to guide people of all walks of life to applying and showing others how to apply timeless truths of Scripture to their everyday lives. As a member of the member of the National Book Critics Circle (NBCC), he also contributes written reviews for Christian Nonfiction Adult and Christian Children’s Books which publishers use inside those books, online, in social media, and on publishers’ web sites. Reverend SeBasco's expertise has been featured in media venues and speaking events throughout the United States. Prayerfully, he happily lives in San Diego, California, with his family. Prayerfully, he happily lives in California, with his family.


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