​​Sheephook Ministries

​​Quotes FOR A REASON ...
by Rev. Salvador SeBasco

A battle cry for decisions about inclusion:
LOVE wins ALL wars."

or when HOPE is needed:
"Sometimes faith comes in unsuspected packages of the heart."

For times of great loss:
"SADNESS only happens when there is FIRST an appreciation for WHAT ONCE WAS that is perceived to NO LONGER BE.
SADNESS does not happen by itself. It does not come out of nowhere.

Think of a see-saw; where on one end is first a great amount of APPRECIATION.  It is only because of that great appreciation, that in times of loss, the other end of the see-saw is raised (heightened level of SADNESS). 

This is the see-saw which GOD placed in my mind's eye back in 2006...that got-me-back-into-life when that year I had lost 10 people in my immediate family and also one of my best friends."



When grateful that His undying and immeasurable LOVE (that He is) is in your heart:
"​Dear Lord God Jesus, even as the sun goes down on this day, in my heart Your influence shines on. To your Glory, I serve You. Amen!"

F​or when GIVING is paramount in a person's life:
"If our PROSPERITY is not but for the Lord, we've missed a mark in life. For the life we live (for Him) is the GIFT we give."

As the LOVE in us becomes our every action:
"Pray. Love. Be kind. Generosity is not about how much money you have. It is a state of heart and soul."

As WE begins to see OTHERS as an inextricable part of ourselves:
"There is no time like the present to GIVE THE GIFT OF YOURSELF back to the world. Be kind, be unselfish; for Love bleeds kindness."

The moment we realize ETERNITY is a place because it is not TIME BOUND:
"Never say NEVER...because NEVER does not last forever."

As gratitude abounds that as you reflect others, God's  LOVE pours through you (unto others):
"Believe, Believe, Believe!
Love, Love, Love!
Share, share, share!
Give, Give, Give!

Nurture, nurture, nurture!
Speak, speak, speak!
And most of all...
Listen, Listen, Listen...
and learn.

BE MORE for your family, friends, community,
and even those you never met."