Who we are

Our Ministries’ undying efforts are backed by His Spirit in these ways.

·       The LISTENERS ARE THE LEADERS. What we say in our ministries is not most important, but what you do with it, that is what is most important!

·       We provide the timely resources to keep God’s listeners IN THE WORD. LET YOUR HEART RESOUND with a unique One of a Kind Study Bible. God already knows your heart, but when He knows that you know your heart, His Holy Spirit acts with you, and strengthens your faith and the way you live by honor.

 Overview of Programs
Program 1
The Shepard for Beginners: FREE
     This program includes mentoring listeners of our radio broadcast and answering questions. Listeners call in, email and text, use social media, to bolster ongoing learning to initiate bringing them into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.

Program 2
The Shepard’s Walk:
     This program includes, as a prerequisite, purchased Study Bible materials. Followers use Zoom to partake in three half-hour 1-on-1 lessons with Rev. Salvador to build honor & bolster their devotion to continue a close relationship with Jesus Christ.

Program 3
     The Sheephook:
This program occurs after partaking in The Shepard's Walk Program. The Shepard meets in-person or by Zoom to partake 4-hours in a group with Rev. Salvador to enhance strategies and tactics to keep their life course devoted to God, family, and Honor.

Ministry Services
In 2005, we chose the name Sheephook Ministries because we realized our customers were coming to us for guidance about how to best learn the Bible, live godly values, and requested broadcasts which led them to books, audio recordings and prayer chains; at times when just a slight nudge put them in an entirely new direction in their spiritual lives. From those early experiences, we wholeheartedly believe that, just as in the Parable of the Lost Sheep (which appears in the Gospels of Matthew 18:12-14 and Luke 15:3-7), when we use the Sheephook to guide His lost sheep, it is to God’s Glory.

Christian Radio Ministries
 Listen to our Christian radio ministries’ broadcasts & Communications―The Inside View Show, and recorded audio Playlists with Christian author interviews & Bible-guided Specials with host Reverend Salvador SeBasco, founder of Sheephook Ministries.

Resources & Study Bibles
 A fresh approach to reading and understanding the Bible, The Reversed Bible: A One of A Kind Study Bible. 

Old Testament
New Testament

Visit us on YouTube for our 7 SECONDS FOR GOD video series.

7 SECONDS FOR GOD videos are just that, 7 Seconds and for God. 7 seconds is not too much to spare for God, the Supreme being. Think of the mere 7 seconds as a story time where your heart and soul let God know that He, NOT you, are the star of this story called YOUR LIFE. Is your schedule so packed you cannot give 7 SECONDS FOR GOD? Brought to you by Sheephook Ministries, these videos (which are 7 seconds each) are aimed at bringing God's word to life. Let others know about the simplicity of 7 SECONDS FOR GOD. By sharing in the joy and love we are to reflect and embody, we bring love forward as a unity in spirit from deep within our souls.


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"Ministering for God's Word to Come to Life" 
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Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring God’s Word to life for readers, listeners and followers by providing resources to those in need, sharing new approaches to reading and learning the Bible, honoring God and each other through application, and grateful, grace-led prayer. 


​“This is the brilliance of the Backwards Study  Bible aka The Reversed Bible: A One of a Kind Study Bible. By reading the text out of order it makes Scriptures appropriately unfamiliar, allowing one to visit inspired text with a new sense of humility and expectation—which is fruitful indeed! You are going to love reading this Bible in this format!

          ― Veteran Pastor Ed Gungor, faith and culture expert, and NY Times Bestselling author

Providing Christian resources to those in need. Praying for all. 

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Sheephook Ministries
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These are Volumes 1-3 of our ReVERSED Bible: Study Backwards Bible series (KJV). Published by Sheephook Ministries,

This Study Backwards Bible series is a fresh approach to reading and understanding the complete Bible with its Old and New Testaments verses places in reverse to allow for a unique studying experience to enhance reading comprehension. ​

Each Volume being an  ebook brings the advantage of being easy to pinpoint which part you want to read next or go back and study.​

Volume 1 includes The Old and New Testament

Volume 2 includes the New Testament

Volume 3 includes the Old Testament

These study Bible ebooks are complete with facts, tips, hints and benefits. Reverend Salvador SeBasco created this unique series of Study Bibles because of a reading comprehension problem he had a child. He overcame that by the uniquely formatted page design you'll experience in this Backwards Study Bible series. 

God bless you!

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If any problems, with purchase app, email SheephookMinistries@gmail.com

Volumes 1-3, ebook Study Bible Series published by Sheephook Ministries:

​A Fresh Approach to Reading and Understanding the Bible

​  VOLUME 1, $4.99                      Volume 2, $2.99                       Volume 3,  $2.99