"Jesus is the Great plus sign people need in their lives when things just don’t add up.”
Reverend Sal

​​Sheephook Ministries

KNLE - Candle 88.1 FM is also known as THE CANDLE because phonically when saying "KNLE" sounds like "CANDLE", and because, as a Candle, from it light shines.
The Light that shines from THE CANDLE, Candle 88.1 FM, is God's Light lit with Love from its many listeners. Visit us at KNLE.org

KNLE - The Candle 88.1 FM has been serving the Austin, TX and surrounding community for over 25 years. KNLE's movement is as a set of ministries, not the industry.  Besides the many Programs as Listening Ministries, KNLE is the only radio station in the Austin, TX area that solely plays music from independent Christian artists. Beloved by many the personalities that serve on air for KNLE knowing that a service to The Lord is a way to show Love for one another, sharing with others how a directions towards God's Love changes lives, businesses, and a person at a time change the world.

KNLE 88.1 FM is features on this web page IN HOPE that one, just one more listener (at a time), is led toward's God's Love. 

Listen in to 88.1 FM to hear more on these LeaderSHIP ministries, and be moved by who we have on the air such deep reverberances as Pastor Charles Lawson, Pastor David Wilkerson and more, such as Reverend Sal, as instruments of God to bring light to your family, community, corporations, church and to wherever this light is meant to shine in God's due time.

Our great HOPE for you the listener is that the words you hear and read move you not in a way we want to move you but, instead, the way God WILLs is to move you. Jojn us, this Great Light from the Candle, to lead you and yours towards the Love of God, Peace be with you.